The Sheba REACT Initiative

Advancing Care, Sharing Knowledge

What is REACT?

Every day, doctors from around the world contact Sheba’s physicians to consult on complex patient cases, looking for insight from medical specialists of a leading medical center at the forefront of global clinical innovation and care. This is especially so when it comes to cancer medicine.

Ever committed to providing ‘Hope Without Boundaries’ for patients worldwide, Sheba recognized the need for a dedicated framework that would make it easier for medical professionals to consult our experts. At the same time, we wanted to keep them up to date with the latest advances in care and provide a means for referring complex cases that require our particular expertise.

That is why we created REACT, an acronym for Recent Advances in Cancer Treatment and an exciting knowledge-sharing initiative of Sheba Medical Center aimed at leveraging the unique clinical expertise of a leading global medical organization to improve oncologic care across the globe. In addition to holding insightful medical conferences with lectures from Sheba’s leading clinicians, the REACT Community serves as a unique forum for doctors worldwide to consult Sheba’s experts and each other on clinical matters.


Established in 1948, Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s City of Health, is the largest, most comprehensive healthcare facility in the Middle East and one of the best hospitals in the world according to Newsweek magazine.

As a leading force in global healthcare, Sheba is committed to providing patients everywhere hope without boundaries by sharing its knowledge and experience with healthcare professionals, governments, and medical institutions.

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The Sheba REACT Community

The Sheba REACT Community is a new way for doctors and medical professionals to communicate with Sheba’s experts and consult each other on clinical matters.

Members Benefits


To leading cancer experts from one of the world’s best hospitals.


Concerning the latest advances in oncologic care.


With Sheba’s experts and colleagues across the globe.

REACT 2023 Online Event

At the REACT 2023 online event, Sheba aims to empower healthcare professionals by exploring the latest advances and innovations in cancer treatment, including CAR T-cell therapy and much more. Attend to hear from some of the world’s leading oncology experts.


Who should attend the REACT 2023 online event?

While we invite all practicing doctors to attend, oncologists will be the primary beneficiaries of the event.

What does the Sheba REACT initiative entail?

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Who should join the REACT Community?

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